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who cares about some nicknames dude
hi admin i think you should think it twice now and ban this demente person right now..it spams the site with many nicknames insulting my name, my personality and all these i have offered at this site from teh beginnign of the season..he spammed even the message box..its time for drastic changes..he is a psychopath
stfu priest bitch, just deal with it you sook
hi admin ..at gizzlies vs spurs 2nd game one smart guy used my nickname and wrote pretended that was me..i know it sounds ridiculous but i would liek to do smt about that..in fact, i asked for your assistance if you check the post..
thanks admin
Admin, if you could add the 2nd of the NBA playoffs, that'd be great.
2nd round here it comes !!!!!! great site .kudos
lol i came across this box because i've been trying to figure our that for the past few days xD
Anna Log@NBA
great job, accurate as ever [:()]
SF Admin@NBA
We are ready for the playoffs. If you click "Show playoff games round..." all possibles games for that round will be shown, even if they are played or not.
For anyone wondering about the [email] game April 16th, it was cancelled and will not be rescheduled.
sites good!
SF Admin@NBA
Problem with automatic updates solved.
keep up the good work - thanks for the site!
SF Admin@NBA
Problems remain, I've done som tweaking to update now. Will look in to the problem tomorrow. Results might come late tomorrow. Sorry for that.
SF Admin@NBA
Simon: Click hide votes link and the votes are hidden. Bookmark that link. Problem with update is due to a FTP-problem, looking for solution.
hide it like the results, otherwise: one of my favorit sites in the interweb! thx!
Hi Admin, would it be possible to hide the "game votes" as they can be quite a spoiler in some case. when i see 50 x thumbs up and the game starts with a 20 point lead, its clear that the other team comes back ;)
thanks admin. Your work is appreciated.
SF Admin@NBA
Working on it
me too, please update the site :-)
I'd like to see last nights games...
Greetings to the NBA :)
and big up!
i use the site everyday - recognize
SF Admin@NBA
Problems with comments should be fixed now. Please report if there are more problems.
SF Admin@NBA
There is a problem with comments right now due to that the web host moved us to a new server. Will look in to it tonight.
Are comments diasabled i cant see them
Greetings from Mississippi :)i
Del Piero@NBA
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