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SF Admin@NBA
Gil: You could say that. It's not really true that it's number of people. If someone in your family or at your work place votes the same as you, you might have the same IP and it's counted for as one unique IP but two votes. But to put i simple, it can be read as number of people.
Sf Admin@NBA
NBA: I'm with you with the too much numbers thing. We try it for some days and I'll see what you or I can come up with as a good idea for the presentation. And let's face it... this site isn't famous for it's glorious design anyway...
anotheryear,anotherLove forThis site
Gil, yes. I like the idea, but not the presentation. Too much numbers, it makes the whole thing a bit confusing to read. Maybe hide the number for the unique IP votes the same way you hide the results and offer the option to click on it? Thanks for trying to improve the system, anyway!
so the first number of the vote show the total number of votes and the lower one shows the number of people who voted ?
SF Admin@NBA
Trying out new voting system. For each good / neutral/ bad sum you will also see a corresponding unique ip counter. So, if a game got 20 votes for a good game and the number under 20 is 16, you know that the votes have come from 16 different IPs. I'm trying this out from now (October 29), so games from Oct 30 should be ok, but the games before can seem a little strange. Not really happy with the presentation, but it will work for now.
YW Sarte
kudos to admin as every year !! :)
Sup Lemonzz !!!! `13 NBA season almost here !!! i can smell them hoops already !!!
Good PreSeasons!
Thanks a lot, SF Admin. What an incredible job you've been doing with this site!
SF Admin@NBA
I put a link under top 15 games pointing to top games from previous seasons. Enjoy!
Hey, any way I could see the TOP 15 from last year? Big Thanks if anyone is able to help.
You even have the preseason games, wow man.
Thanks for keeping this running :)
Yay, thank you for your work guys, great to have you back.
No problem,little pirato :)
Thank you so much for your continued efforts! :)
SF Admin@NBA
NBA... still testing, and maybe some work to do. But running for now.
SF Admin@NFL
NFL up and running... Enjoy!
SF Admin@NBA
Work in progress...
Please update NFL 2013! thanks
Would be great if this site continued into the NFL 2013/14 season, and onward ofc!:)
Please UPDATE :-/
Please update NFL 2013! thanks
Nfl 2013?
i need nba :/
Hi, Is there a search function so i can find the most voted game of this season. Would be nice! Keep up the fine job, use your site during the season! Thanks
SF Admin@NBA
Hi Matias. They are hidden during the playoffs. Next year I could perhaps make them visible without playoff games or something like that. Hope that could help you.
Admin: Where can I find the list with the most voted games of the season? Sorry if this question has been responded before but I couldn't find it.