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SF Admin@NBA
Thanks to PDP for donation keeping things going!
SF Admin@NBA
I had forgotten about them. Now it's fixed,
Hey, how come theres no unique IP voting with playoffs?
thanks again.lemon is bringing it again this year !!!
lets do it!!!
SF Admin@NBA
The result for day 1 of playoffs will be late due to reconfiguring. I expect everything to be back April 20th. Sorry for the delay.
SF Admin@NBA
Ready for playoffs, and thanks to LM for donation.
Anna Log@NBA
there´s a bug:April 9th, MIA vs MEM, 1vote from unique IP, 0 total [~:)]
Am I correct in seeing that on that Gambletron site you immediately see who has won the game?
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks to MD for donation!
How do we see votes for games older than the last one on the page? cheers
I dream of a website combining both systems...
ty JJR, looks promising. will compare and doublecheck ;) [:()]
you all should check out gambletron2000 dot com; it also tells you how good a game was, but based on betting odds
for nba downloads
myp2p forum
Can sum1 give me a site to download the games (non torrent ones)
@ses, oh ok. I guess we're on the same page then. It's kind of a useless "feature". Anyway, trivial.
@gametime, imo let them dick ..äähm click around ; ) (fyi.. I'm no admin ..just to avoid any misunderstandings)
@ses, yes I understand that. That's why you have the unique IP setting. non-unique doesnt need to be there at all imo. It still gives some clown the oporutnity to continuously click.
@gametime ..there were some up/down vote wars in the past years ..so it's to avoid some ppl abusing the voting which is supposed to be on game quality and not on general sympathy/antipathy for a team
Great site. Thanks. Just wondering... why bother including votes from non-unique IPs at all? Seems uneccassary. I might be missing something though....
Can the website include the standings and scores since the beginning of the NBA Season? I notice the site only keeps them for about 30 days.
SF Admin@NBA
April 20th the site was hacked. Thanks to Kingpinmaster who reported to me. I'm restoring backups and will try to prevent this in the future. As always, keep your anti virus up to date. More info on the trojan they tried to place can be found on [link]
Best Site! Thank SF admin for all your efforts. I'm sure a lot of us appreciate it
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks to JG for donation!
SF Admin@NBA
Had a little problem with my ISP. Seems that everything is back to normal now.
thanks for the fix! Much appreciated
You really notice how important this site is, when it goes down for a day or two. Greate job!
thanks for fixing the last days.keep up your great job.best site ever !!!