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Hi Hungarian cusin
I love you site, i check every day almost when i'm dling a game from the previous night. thank you!
Great work! A really usefull page. [:v]
It would be great if one could see if the game was won in OT/SO in the NHL section. Awesome site, keep up the good work! [:tt]
Super 14
SF Admin
Rick - if you tell me the league for which you want standings tables I'll see what I can do
Would it be possible to have a standings table or a link to one? Thx for the site btw [:)]
[:D] [:D] [:D]
SF Admin
Thanks for all supporting words. Keep'em comin' [:D] I have plans for more leagues and what comes to mind is AFL (aussie rules), AFL (arena football league) and later MLB, ENFL, CFL, WNBA, perhaps japanese baseball. What do you want? Any league you miss? The soccer section is almost dead. If you like the soccer section, start spreading the word or they will soon be gone.
super site. thx.
SF Admin
Hopefully corrected the problem drakula reported on the NBA section
great site. love the standings. one thing: the standings are cut off when you try to view them in firefox, ok in explorer
great site !!!
Thanks for the site, been looking for a spoiler free site for a while, Cheers!
Great site, I'm using it for several month now, absolutely invaluable for those who want to check scores for several games but don' t want to spoil the rest. Keep it up buddy, awesome job [:v]
thank you for this wonderful site. I like the nba-games and I'm glad I can download it here. Keep up the good work.
Nice [:v]
Hello ! :) Thank You 4 your work :)) great site [:tt]
SF Admin
Anyone gonna see the Super Bowl Live? It's anightmare in the european time zone, but well worth it [:D]
SF Admin
I'm waiting for Super Bowl and got nothing to do, so started a six nations league just for the rugby folks. Enjoy!
SF admin
I've added this shoutbox. This is your chance to say hello to all other users of spoiler free results. Don't forget to tell your friends about this site so it can stay alive. Enjoy and have a nice day! [:)]