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This is a random observation, apparently Dirk Nowitzki got the MVP award for this season - Well those celebrations were short lived and not spoken very loud now where they!! [=))] [:))] [=))] [:))]
Hello. First, great website, no doubt about it. The only regret I have is about the little popups to see game results. First they are popups, let the user choose if he wants to open them in a new window, and second, they're not resizable in firefox...Cheers
k, no probs ;)
SF Admin
It's a good idea aussieburger. The only problem is that the whole thing is automated and I have to change some things to solve it. It's not impossible of course but it takes some time and I have an insane month at work so time is a problem for me. Let's consider this the beta season (the page has only been around since september 2006) so hopefully next play off will be better. I wonder if your cappers couldn't help out here in their info-files?
May 15 games for example I don't know which game to watch first !
rather than start times for game 5's and onwards how about just say game1 and game2 if there are 2 games listed for the day. If there is no game 5 for one of the games then just list it as game 2 that way we won't know if it really exists or not but it still 'could exist'. That way we know which games to watch in what order (which causes a spoiler when u watch the wrong game first)
Thanks for implementing the start times.
to the webmaster: these thumbsup hands may leed to spoilers: e.g. I don't want to know if a fifth game was played if series score is 3-1! please remove them!
thanks much...
SF Admin
Very good point Dane. I'll see what I can do if there are no other suggestions.
Deifinetly against the experimental voting sysyem. Knowing if it was a good or bad game will make me not want to watch it right away. For example, if a team is up 20 in the first half and it was voted a good game, you know the other team will catch up. That itself ruins the pleasure of watching. In any case, I think we can keep this voting system, as long as it is not visable - you have to get to it from a link. Let me know what you think.
SF Admin
Added voting system for Super 14
SF Admin
Added an experimental voting system for good and bad games to help other users find good games the normally would not intend to watch. Tell me what you think of it. Just for NHL and NBA right now (obscure technical reason).
[:()] [~:)] [@};-] [:")]
SF Admin
Added round 2 to NBA. Round 2 got start times where they could be found. Changed end date for round 1 since round 2 started early. One game from round 1 can be found under round 2. To all of you who asks about start times - Start times in themselves can be spoilers since games which are not going to be played during the playoffs gets no start times [:D] Since I got a lot to do at work and this is the first playoff for me a solution to that problem hopefully comes next year. You are welcome to contact me if you got a good soultion to the problem. Enjoy!
i need start times …
Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP
i need start times …
Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP
I agree start times for the games would be awesome
It's playoff time and this site is gonna be fantastic during them!!! I can find out the scores for games I won't get to see. Brilliant! Thanks man! [:D]
You rock with the NBA Playoffs Spoiler Free!! Now i can watch Phoenix games without accidently spoiling the result when looking up the remaining results! [:tt] THANKYOU!
Great job for the NBA playoffs page. Thanks much, it is very useful.
Great site. If you could include the start times of NBA games, that would make it even better.
Great work on the site, thanks for it. [:v]
SF Admin
Say hi and welcome to the MLB section. Still in beta stage but seems to work all right.
SF Admin
AFL now got old standings tables and upcoming games
SF Admin
The AFL section (Australian football) opened. I didn't have time to fix old tables and upcoming games, but they will be there soon. Enjoy!
SF Admin
Isla de muerta is mysterious skull-shaped island where the Black Pearls pirate crew hide it's treasures. [evil] [link] . And I use it here when my database has no clue of the origin of the IP a visitor have. So, you can say it's unknown country. [:D]
Great site you have here. Spoiler free S14 :D By the way, what is Isla de Muerta?
SF Admin
Some minor changes today. Divisional and conference standings on NBA. Bug fix in NHL standings so all teams show up again (some tables will still miss teams, but it should work from today). Super 14 has got a standings table. Here in sweden we eat waffles today, so enjoy!