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I forth Dane's comment
What the problem, it helps a lot to decide whether I watch just highlight or the entire game, if you just want the schedule there are plenty of other sites
I third Dane's comment
I second Dane's comment. Hide it so you can choose to see it or not.
Please remove the voting for whether it was a goog game or not. It is actually quite a spoiler. Thanks..
Jens Kristian
Thank you [:)]
SF Admin
As reported, and solved, by Luke there was a problem with non standardized javascript on the results buttons. I've now changed it and tried it in several browsers. Please report any problems.
SF Admin
My bad! Now it should work... Sorry [:")]
Jens Kristian
Thanks, but the link isn't working.
SF Admin
The NCAA Football section wasn't very popular last year, but since it's been requested for this year I've reopened it.
Jens Kristian
Hi. Will we see a NCAAF feature?
So instead of document.all.id62.innerHTML = ..., put document.getElementById('id62').innerHTML =
I took a look at the code, and it's because of the "document.all" method, which is non-standard. Try using document.getElementById('idname') instead -- this should work on all browsers including Safari 2 for OS X.
college football 2007????
SF Admin
Just tested with Safari 3.0.3 on Win XP SP2 and it works like a charm. So, I still need help with the OS X version of Safari as reported by Luke.
SF Admin
Any help with the javascript so it works with Safari would be appreciated. Got some Macs at work, but not sure I can use them to test.
The Show Result buttons don't work in Safari on OS X. :(
thanks i like the section better now and the results appear much faster and they are not buggy like before :)
SF Admin
NHL section has got the new layout. Enjoy!
SF Admin
Visit the NFL section to look at the new functionality and layout of this site
What about Rugby World Cup? Would love a spoiler free result section.
Anyone know anywhere in Prague that will be showing this year's AFL Grand Final live?
SF Admin
Thanks Kanga. I've fixed the problems for AFL. Some standings tables disappeared but the results are there. Enjoy!
howdy, letting you know the AFL page is stuck at june 3rd :)
SF Admin
Been on a rock festival for four days (Motorhead kicks ass [:)] ) but now I'm back and added the NBA finals. The pop-ups are resizable at least on my Win FireFox There is, and always has been, a way to not use the pop-ups, the sticky buttons. So, please leave more info on what you report as problems. For longer descriptions and suggestions you can always use the mail (the contact link above the paypal logo). Cheers!
Best compliments for this wonderful and much needed site. There are some issues with firefox, but no complains about it: if I'll manag to find out some spare time maybe I'll try to fix'em.
my question though is about the Finals ... do the Finals start today or tomorrow ??
i'm able to resize the popups in firefox (you must resize at the very bottom corner)
he shoulda never got mvp