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it's at the box score page,bottom right, scoring section, lead changes
SF Admin
laky, please explain more, where do I get leadchange info?
SF Admin
Ryan, prsent me with a way to calculate the game number and I'll do it. I don't have the time myself right now.
i ask for the third time, could you put a link to nhl.com's game summary for each game, it is by far better than the yahoo links you have and it contains no spoilers!
can you implement a show leadchange button, like the show results, so we can check how balanced was the game or not
Great site! Love the voting system
on the top on the left of the page it's written "rockets-nuggets" final 2nd ot..lol that is a spoiler..
indeed, the option to choose to see the vote on a good or bad game would even further reduce the degree of 'spoiling'. thanks.
Is it possible to limit the votes to one per ip? Maybe this would stop those ever so funny mulit-votes...
please fix NHL tables. it's awesome.
any answer on switching the game summary from yahoo to NHL.com's game summary page of each page. you can't look at the yahoo recap or box score without getting bombarded with spoilers from around the league! that would be super great.
great! thanks for hiding the votes!
Kobe\'s left thumb
Hey. Check out nbainfo.dk if you're scandinavian
thanks a lot for your work. Anyway, one question: Isla de Muerta?!?!?!
SF Admin
It's now possible to hide votes. Click on the link next to the description of the voting system (hide votes) then bookmark the new page. Not 100% tested so please report any problems. The NHL problems with tables will be fixed, but not sure when. I have not have that as a priority since there is only about 15 visitors a day to the NHL section.
Hi there.The standings are looking messy from the 10th Nov onwards. Cheers [:)]
This voting system is great for quick determining which games you gotta see. Clicking on every single one would pointless, I think. Instead, my suggestion is to make copy of mainpage, with different link (so some people could bookmark it) and there would be no votes.
any word on removing the voting portion of good/bad game? I really can not use the site while that is up there. If people still want it, it can be accesible by a link. Please let me know...thanks
SF Admin
You are not the only one who is confused sandfisch [:D]. Something has gone wrong with me decoding the source. I'll take care of it as soon as I got time, which will be in a while. Time is not my best friend right now. Thanks for letting me know, and please keep reporting problems like that.
Great site, as mentioned before but how are the standings by date to be read? I really don't get it ... BTW I'm talking about the NHL section :)
A good site has gotten better! A very sweet site inddeed! [:tt]
yeah both of the recap and boxscore have spoilers either through scores or video highlight headlines on them . could you add a link to the NHL.com game summary, found through the scores page? you've got no chance of spoilers with that.
[NBA] Recap, Boxscore and PbP brings me to a page with a left column full of that day results :O Firefox on winXP
coolest site, great appreciation. I'd add date next to name on messages fo r better overall comprehension without everyday follwing.
SF Admin
NFL and NHL now got direct links to recaps and box score again. Something will happen to the voting system in about a week...
2nd ryans idea, link to game summaries. also OT or SO wins in the show results would be nice.
just thought, the "game summaries" from nhl.com would be a great direct link each game. there is nothing on those pages but stats from the game.
i miss the direct links to the yahoo boxscore. it's real tricky to navigate to a boxscore of a game through yahoo or nhl.com without stumbling accross a score you're trying to avoid. any chanced we could get something like that back?