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To Admin: Could you put hide votes setting to browser's cookie? It's pretty easy to do.
Yeah.. that optional times would be great!
Yo admin, can't you just make the times optional like the show result button for the games that are only played if necessary? I don't know which game to watch first. Just a suggestion, Ihope you do something with it. Bye!
@trebla, omg i feel so stupid.... thanks!!
@Lonso: use "Hide votes" link
Firstly let me say how much I love this site (once again!) but I was wondering would it be possible to hid the ratings as well? I know I'm an extreme lunatic but seeing which games has really good rating makes me know during the game that the game will become tight at the end.. which is a bit of a spoiler in itself.. if you don't agree then that's fine, but I just wanted to suggest :)
Thanks for adding the times, now I know in which order to watch my downloads. You guys are great!
Vinnie Amsterdam
yo sf Admin. can't you just give a fake time for all 'if necessary' games
(like the 'Show result' button but over the game 5+ times I mean)
SF admin: Is it possible to put a button over these times (Show Time)?
SF Admin
First of all, Big thank you for all your supporting words during the last months. Ok, time for NBA play offs. Just like last year, all possible games will be shown when you choose a playoff round, even if they wasn't played. The only problem as I see it right now is that the games that are not played will have no time when they should be played. Suggestions please!
wizards@cavaliers is the first game of April 19th, not the last
this is a great site, though today it had a spoiler. You should´ve hide the upcoming playoff matches otherwise its no us of hiding the result of the Dallas game
Nice to hear that I'm generating 80% of traffic :D Great site. I'm using it every day.
how will the playoff games be working on this site?
The best basketball site on the net.Keep it up!
great site, bookmarked it right away [;)]
Shaquille O\'Neal
I am a BIG fan of Spoiler Free NBA results. Especially when I don't want to see the PHX boxscores.....
This site is so cool~
I love this site, you guys rock!
I'm interested in rubgy. Super 14 is about to start and it would be great to have the spoiler free results again :)
I also had a link on my sig about this plasce ;), will put it back to trigger some interest.
SF Admin
No problems with me and the staff of CIF. The thing was that when the admins changed and the site got back they didn't put the link to this site back. Of course it also helped that aerez had a link to lemons on his sig. I guess kanga is still admin on CIF and i'll try to contact him again. He has always been of great help to lemons (there is also the explenation to why rugby and Aussie football has made it's way to lemons). While I'm on the subject, anyone still interested in Rugy? Just name the tournament and I'll see what I can do.
Sad to hear that you lost connection with them. Was there a problem between you and the admins or did you just lose connection to/with them? I'm very much still on cif and can advertise nhl.lemons if you want.
Hey, i'am one of the 20% not coming from the davka site! :) MAn i just felt to let you know how a great work you do! Keep it up. Greetings Manu
SF Admin
If anybody is interested. All sections got about 10 visitors a day except NBA which has about 350 a day. Personally I watch NFL so that section will always stay. And as long as Davka link to this site the NBA will stay since 80% of all visitors comes direct from davkas site.
SF Admin
bjaerven - the problem with the nhl was that i had a link from CIF to this site. And after the fights between admins on CIF or 5hole or what they called themselves I lost my link and also all contacts with the admins. When last season ended I got about 200 visitors a day to NHL section. Today I got 5. I lose money all day on this site and therefore I haven't invested any time in the NHL section. My idea is that the sections people ask for is the sections I support. And hopefully you all then will help me to spread the word about the site. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in this for the money. I only do the work if people actually enjoy it.
I know you had nhl standings before, will you bring it back sometimes this year? Thanks again for a really great site!
SF Admin
trebla - found the problem. Will try to fix it soon. Thanks for reporting it.
again it the top left corner it is written 'final - 2OT' ;) thx for the site, btw!