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thanks for site
just want to say thank you for this great site!
SF Admin
Sorry for the delay. NHL will be up. Can't promise anything but soon. Lost my link on old CIF, so if anyone has a suggestion to improve visitor count for NHL, you are welcome (besides getting the actual results up [:)])
nhl 2008-2009 pls :)
Hi, is there a chance that NHL will be supported this season again? greets and congrats to this awesome piece of work :)
I'm your no.1 fan, i love you.... hehe
This site is awesome! Thank you for żour dedication!!
I love this website and whoever is responsible for it. Thank you!
SF Admin
...and NCAA Football is open. Enjoy!
SF Admin
NFL is up for the 2008-2009 season
SF Admin
NFL news is now up.
SF Admin
Yes, NFL will be up. Soon I hope. Had some problems when I reactivated it, but hopefully within a week.
dr. brick
Hi. Great site. I used it the whole previous NBA season. Will NFL be suported this season?
SF Admin
CFL reopened. No news, no standings tables so consider it a beta.
no NBA finals?
nosa aibangbeee
i need thresults for the australian league delivered to me befor it gets to africa nigeria to be precise
Great site! Will you - by any chance - include the 2008 NBA finals (starting last night)?
Thank you Admin! This site is great!
No, THANK YOU admin ;). Too bad that MSN starts to spoil the games too, it sure as hell drives a man crazy. Anyone here with the same complaint?
SF Admin
Thanks for all your supporting words. I hope everything is working allright. I just wanted to mention that we have got about 140 000 visits since the start in september 2006. About 120 different countries have come here. And I have still to come up with a way to not loose any more money on this site. I've tried donations (gave $0) and adds (has given me about a cent a day) [:)]. While I'm on it I maybe tell you all a little about how this site works since there has been some misunderstandings. I'm a single guy running the show and I don't update anything manually. I've got my (pretty) solid scripts doing all the work for me. When I first started this I had expected much more downtimes and missing results. but 2 NFL seasons, 2 NHL seasons, and 2 NBA seasons later we have almost always presented the results in descent time. I myself just watch NFL but the site has never been popular among the NFL people. NBA is the most important league for the site, and without all you basketball guys this site hadn't survied long. So a very big THANK YOU to every visitor out there and a special thanks to Davka for linking to Lemons.
Mr White
Their is a missing series from the eastern conference on the 2nd Round schedule.
Just wanted to give a quick, yet big, THX to the guys involved in this site. Especially since it's the only site that gives the ability to see which playoff game was broadcasted first without seeing results :)
sorry unintentionally hit enter midway thru my message. Anyway thanx a lot to the admin for this site and taking into consideration all those suggestions we brought over the past months and years. Really appreciated to se that you're reading us ! Keep it up !
how come people have already rated for games to be played (or not for that matter, if the team has been eliminated).
Ok, so if you go here, [link] and click on 4/29 you can find the order of the games that TNT broadcasted. They only let you go back a week though, so you'll have to get their within that time. I have yet to find a way to view ESPN or NBAtv games spoiler free, but in the mean time if you are a member of this site you can go here, [link] In the comments someone posted all the game times for the 29th. Hope it helpsmjay46
Ok... I know roughly the order for 29th. if you mail me at [email] with subject NBA SPOILER .. I can help. I know what it's like ;)
Hi, can anyone start putting game times starting from April 29th? If the series are over it wouldn't matter what time you put, there won't be any game to watch anyway. But it's important to know the order of the games. Thank you P.S. I really like this website (and the one for NHL games, it's very useful to me)
Does anyone know how I can find out the game times for Apr 29 without getting the scores ?