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It's now working again. Thanks very much. I really enjoy this site.
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for reporting Toolz. Will try to look in to it as soon as I can find time.
Hey admin, NBA's not working again... Could u look into that if u got time? Thanks so much!
Thank you so much!! I WILL donate now...
No more NHL updates? :(
Thanks a Lot!
soL @ NBA
Thanks a Lot!
soL @ NBA
NBA Results are Back!
Toolz @ NBA
Only twice a day...? So you're lucky. Me, I'm not leaving my bed anymore. I really don't know how to spent my days without lemons. There is no sense in life...
aussieburger @ NBA
also really really missing this site :( Always check it at least twice a day :)
BiG PoCKet @ NBA
Is there a possiblity to donate to encourage your effort? :-) I cannot live without spoiler-free NBA results! And I'm quite serious here.
RickRoss @ NBA
yeah, please fix it for us! we are starving... Thanks
CarnbY @ NBA
I hope you can get the NBA scores fixed, this site is very useful! thanks
toolz @ NBA
that would be much appreciated! thanx in advance! [:tt]
SF Admin @ NBA
Will look into the NBA-thing during the weekend.
aussieburger @ NBA
no updates to the nba page since Jan 4th :(
Darkness @ NBA
Your efforts are sincerely appreciated!
Darkness @ NBA
Thankyou soo much, this site is perfect for people not living in the States and have to watch the games delayed.
Tom @ NHL
thanks a lot for the NHL updates!!
sandfisch @ NHL
Thank you very much for the return of the NHL!! :)
hellfire @ NHL
thx for bringing nhl again)
tomasz @ NHL
awesome. nhl is back :p
hh @ NBA
great the results are back man, thanks! love it!
toolz @ NBA
Yeah, ur right there. If u could get rid of this sh*t without user restrictions that's even betta!
SF Admin @ NBA
I hate sites where you have to register just to get some small information, so I hope we can have this as free as possible and without the spamming going on.
SF Admin @ NBA
Hope everything works now
toolz @ NBA
Your effort is really appreciated! :)
SF Admin @ NBA
I'm looking at something toolz
toolz @ NBA
Thanks Admin! Great job! Could u make users have 2 register to post in this shoutbox 2 avoid all that spamming going on here?