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I Hope NBA Season will be up soon too... Thank You in advance!
Is NHL not getting updated anymore, last score was January 3
NBA season 2009/10 pleeeeease!!!
Yeah, I hope there'll be an NBA update soon. Thanks in advance! [:)]
Jonny Cage@NFL
cant wait for new nba season! amazinG site
NFL league with no update?
nearly ready for the 2009/2010 Season?? Hope this site is updated and ready to go again ... No way the NBA can exist without it :)
By not adding times for games 5 to 7 you have a spoiler here... Imaginary times > nothing scheduled I'd say... gj on the rest though, very nice.
Ratings are getting sloppy, lots of unplayed games with thumbs up/down. Plus a certain game seems to have a high rating it doesn't deserve...
SF Admin@NBA
You are right Jason. Always a problem with NBA, they never keep the playoffs dates. So, May 3rd is now considered as round 2 [:)]. Thank you for reporting this.
shouldn't the team1 [edited] - team2 [edited] be on a second round page to avoid spoiling? Thanks for the site, knowing the times each of the games are played really helps.
just wanted to say thanks again for this site, it's really a godsend in the playoffs
How about just klicking on "Hide votes"???
Hey, any chance that you could hide the voting results? Because often you can pretty much tell from the voting how the game ended - which spoiled the outcome of the last Mavs-Spurs game for me...
SF Admin@NBA
BTW thanks to the donors, one thing to help keep this site alive. We got almost 650 visitors a day now to NBA when the playoffs are away. (Not bad for one of the ugliest sites on the web). Welcome all new users. Anyone feels like making an improval to the web sites layout? Contact me with a screen shot of what you have in mind.
SF Admin@NBA
Seems like playoffs works now. Sorry again for the mess up.
Thanks Admin! :)
SF Admin@NBA
The playoffs are screwed up, will take a look at this as soon as I come home from work. Sorry for that
playoff games are there ... remember to click the playoff link ;) and thx for this!
btw: Will u do the playoffs round by round as u did last year? That would be great!
Yo admin, NBA's not working again (from April 14th). Thank U!
SF Admin@NBA
Time to pay hosting bills. Consider donating if you have the possibility.
hi, im waithing for the best moment to joyer to new orleanshornets. shap moz.
Hey admin, NBA's not working again (March 28th). Thanks 4 looking into it!
NBA standings from previous dates freezes. Please help.
Thanks so much for this site, it's great for people outside of the USA!
SF Admin@NBA
Zander: I think what you asks for is close to live updating of the scores. If you have followed this page for a while you will notice it's only updated once, maybe twice a day. It's how it works and I've never intended for it to be a live service. The only thing you can be sure of is that if the game has disappeared from the upcoming table and made it to the results table, then the game is finished. But it can be several hours since the actual game has ended before that happens. I would google "greasemonkey script spoilers" or something like that if live results is what you are looking for. Hope that helped you a bit. As always, if I didn't understand your question, or you have a better solution to the problem than mine, don't fear to say so. 75% of the features on this site come from user requests anyway.
Do you think you cold add a feature to show me if a game has ended or not? Sometimes I record games and when I get home I'm not sure if they've ended or not.
Thank U so much!!