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@Toolz: useless??? R U kidding me? With this site I can see all the resultsof the game I won't watch without spoiling the ones I will watch, I can have HOUR of play so that I won't have my game spoiled by the other one's commentators and I can watch standings at a certain day (well not yet, but we are trusty). I do not even watch thumbs. By the way, when I decide to vote, i vote down for blowouts and up for good games. But you too should consiuder that "worth" is very subjective. Useless ... do not even think it another time: I could not even think of life without this site.
@Orion: Maybe u are missing sth here: Of course, voting will always be subjective. But if EVERYONE did not stick 2 this really simple concept (up=worth, down=not worth watching) this site would be completely useless. Don't u agree? So why can u?
@me: It's all good, mate!
P.S. Many, many, many thanx to admin for this god blessing of a site
@everyone: guys, IMHO u are all missing the ky thing: this thing is free: you don't like it? don't use it. You think it's not trustable? Do not look at it. I just wanna be free to thumb up a 100 pts blow out game just for a single spectacular action or conversely thumb down a 3OT defensive game. Do you REALLY want to trust results? Do the work: act as a moderator, watch the games or read the recaps and consistently and real timely tell the admin of this site. Maybe you can even split the work.
...because I don't think I need to correct other peoples retarded voting. That barnburner...site is really what I want. Is the game close or not? If it is it is watchable for me. :D laters. didn't mean to offend you if i did i'm sorry @ toolz
thanx dude.. i just wanted to make sure. I have just been pissed off lately with all these wannabes lakers and cavs and celtics fans. some of them don't get the concept of this site. I don't mean to spoil anyones games. I do hate it though, if I read two thumbs up and then I download the game and then it is a blow out by the end of the 5 min mark in the 1st QTR :P I am not even going to vote anymore..
P.S. I didn't challenge what u said about the voting on the LAL-GSW game at all. That one is clearly not worth watching! P.P.S. I friggin HATE the Lakers...
What I wanted 2 say was there is no perfect voting system. Everyone (incl this) has its downsides. 2 judge strictly by score isn't flawless as well. What about a double OT game that is finally decided by 10 pts?
how can i spoil a game that was a 33 pt blow out?
@ toolz again was this game a watchable game for the intense and purpose this site was made for? btw no one scored 85 in this game.
sorry messed up the previous post. but @ toolz are you a laker fan btw? if you are just shut up
@ toolz
the "Enter code from image" system kinda sux :/
I got Firefox 3.5.5 as well and it works for me. Nice addition by the way, Admin!
I don't get a code to vote with. Firefox 3.5.5
btw: Even a blowout COULD be called a good game, don't you think? What about a player scoring, let's say, 85 points - wouldn't that be still worth watching?
@me: Yeah, initially you WERE right. But then you managed to do sth way more moronic than those 2 voters by spoiling all of us. Why couldn't you just vote thumbs down???
just wondering but why the FUCK are there two thumbs up for the lakers warriors when it was a GODDAMN 33 pt blow out! FUCK YOU HOMERS
So, to fight the blowout-rated-as "good games" I started a program to automatically analyze scores on nba.com and post it to a tumblelog. I'll probably run it every morning between 8-9 (GMT +1) ... [link]
JESUS are people stupid on here? 20 point blowouts are voted 4:3 good game?! i wish i could smack these homers up the head
good game = no blowout bad game = blowout. that's the voting
Problem is people keep voting for teams/scores they LIKE. That's just stupid... My only suggestion remains to limit votes to one per day + game to prevent "funny" votes.
@Mensch: How could VOTING ever be not subjective? Thumb down means bad game (= blowout, in most instances), thumb up means game worth watching. It's so easy once people have caught the essence of this great site!
still sad that Nhl doesn't get updated anymore! :(
dude you spoilt 2games this week
sorry for premature entering...This is a great service, just found it via myp2pforum.eu. Thanks a lot!
Tis is a great service, just found thhis
It almost looks like someone is sabotaging the voting...
is there a chance to have vote category blowout? otherwise it seems very subjective. just a thought.