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same for me. Firefox 3.5.7
I don't see boxscore and pbp buttons, what happened?
hi guys! is any way to view older dates/games in the past?
SF Admin@NBA
Hawks-Wizards feb 6 game postponed by snow in Washington area
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for suggestions ABN. Almost everything on this site come from suggestions from visitors to this page. I always have that in mind when I develop someting new. Right now I'm not developing something for the page, it's important that it works now during season. But after that I might do something along the lines you are describing. Also, thanks for the latest donation.
I check your site everyday so no need to tell I love it. I would have some suggestions like the possibility to rank the games by number of good votes, the possibility to click on the name of a team and then to only see its games.
Voting thumbs down on a good game is lame. Calling non-existant people lamers is idiotic.
So, instead of voting on the game you just decided to ruin it for everyone? Nice going.
Instead of complaining about no votes you should just - VOTE!!
Instead of complaining about no votes you should just - VOTE!!
SF Admin@NBA
Please respect what Orion says. No commenting on games please. This is an open site with no registration. Lets keep it that way.
Can you please stop commenting games? Even if not complete, this is spoiling, and this site is up for not having games results spoiled.
min vs hou triple overtime and no votes??? LAMERS !!
who votes thumbs up on clippers heat? geez
happy new year and keep up w/ the good work x]
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks Orion! Happy new year to you and to the rest of you!
merry xmas and hapy new year to all you crew :)
Thanks so much Barnburner,awesome job on the site!
keep up the great job barnburner!
It would be cool if you could mark games that are nationally televised since those usually have better commentary. Just a suggestion.
I did a major update to [link] last night. Now games are rated more precise.
I still come every now and then hoping the NHL will be updated, but I'm always dissapointed :(
Thanks a lot for this site. As I live in Africa it takes 2 days to download a game so this site really helps me decide which game is worth it. So thanks a lot!
First: I 2 hate all those morons voting no brainer for whatever reasons. Second: I ALWAYS voted "conventionally". Third: I haven't donate (YET) cos I'm waiting to have a regular job back. Fourth: I'm done with this "discussion" with guys who do not even tak ecare to read previous messages.Last but not least, thanks to the admin who brought us back the standings.
Too bad about the man/machine check on the votes :O
Yeah it's not really that subjective. Generally a close competitive game is worth watching. All you have to do is think about other people and not be so selfish with this "I'll do whatever I want because I'm so special" attitude.
Oh, and since your life literally depends on the existence of this site: Did u donate yet? I did several times because I do appreciate its immense value as well, of course! [:$]
@Orion: OK, let me rephrase my point: The voting function (which can be disabled btw!) is only useful if most of us users BASICALLY agree on the good/bad concept given by this site's Admin. I simply don't want people to INTENTIONALLY mislead others by voting in favor of a blowout, for example (and I felt u were trying 2 justify just that!). That's all I'm asking for!
we are all here because this site is very useful. some people just have a different oppinion on how they like to vote.
This site's very usefull. Orion - well spoken. Give him vodka