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Thx! Great to hear you are on top of things for the playoffs! Should be great this year :)
SF Admin@NBA
Some info about the playoffs. According to Wikipedia the playoffs begin April 17. The way we handle it here at lemons is that up to the April 16 you will see every game as you are used to. After that there will be a link, Playoff 1, listing all the possible playoffs games in round 1 (7*8 games). The reason I list all possible games is so you don't get spoiled in the end of the playoff round. Sometimes the playoff rounds overlap, meaning playoff 2 can start before playoff 1 has ended. I will try to keep an eye out if that happens this year and act to that. Hope we have a good, spoiler free, playoff. As usual, post any questions and things you wish for here and I'll try to help out the best I can.
SF Admin@NBA
Someone cut one cable to much, resulting in me not having internet connection. That's the reason the results have been delayed the last couple of days. Spelling mistake was mine and is corrected, thx Chuubs.
It's not the end of the world, but the 22nd seems to be missing. Otherwise a big thanks.
Hi. Check the spelling - ''Hoprnets' - in scheduler.'
Hey admin, you're right I didn't find out the score but I knew my team lost before I could watch the game. Just comparing the 2 dates I could see they had one more loss in their record, and same amount of wins. I see, why you're pound of this site, it's the best/smartest sport site on the web :)
There would be more votes if one wouldn't need to type in a security code. I stopped voting since then.
the site just works pretty much exactly as it should, for me. it' a great service and I thank you for it very much! I hope there will be even more visitors/voters in the future to make the voting even more relevant.
SF Admin@NBA
Hi Itl7Mago, thanks four you input. I'll try to explain how it's intended to work. If everything is normal, the standings are updated 3 times a day, about every 8 hours, and then game result is updated only when the game has finished playing. That's why you sometimes can see the result for three or four games and still there are some games in the upcoming list for that day. Every date and time on the NBA site is EASTERN TIME. So, when you say that a game is updated on the 22, when it's played the 21, which time zone are you in? I have a link in the upcoming games section "current time in eastern time" that can help you.Some games are late games and hasn't finished playing the date they started. If a game starts 10.30 PM it can well finish after midnight. When things are not normal, the results can be delayed. This can depend on so many things but usually the scripts don't work or the server is offline. I make no money on this site so I'm a little proud of the uptime with so little put in to keep it online. The income from donations and adds doesn't even cover the direct costs. Just remember, this is a hobby for me. As I said before, I don't even watch NBA. This started with the NFL site and I only did it for myself. Then I started NHL, CFL, MBL, NCAA. I've tried rugby, soccer ans some more. No one was interested (maybe 2-3 visitors a day). Then I talked to Davka and he linked to the NBA-section. Now we got about 600 visitors a day to NBA, must of you come from Davkas site or google. Finally, if you click "show result" you are going to be spoiled. I can't really see how this could have spoiled it for you "big time" without you are being aware of it.
Hey, admin. Great site. I have a problem/suggestion though. I wasn't sure when NBA standings from previous dates were updated. So I checked with a team like the bulls. They had a game on the 20th and on the 22nd, and the standings were updated on the 21st and the 23rd. So I assumed they were one day late all the time, checked the standings on the 24th and the raptors game that was on the 24th had been registered. No need to say that spoiled it for me big time. Just wondering if you could fix so it always answers the same rule? Thanks for everything.
Hey, admin. Great site. I have a problem/suggestion though. I wasn't sure when NBA standings from previous dates where
Sorry for the double-post... And thank you for fixing it!
Hey admin, if you got time could you please try to fix that nasty malfunction? Thanx so much! Your program still seems to like the Wizards and Raptors only... ;-)
SF Admin@NBA
You're to quick Toolz :) I was in the middle of it. Check it out now and see if it works.
Hey admin, if you got time could you please try to fix that nasty malfunction? Thanx so much! Your program still seems to like the Wizards and Raptors only... ;-)
admin said a few comments down that he knows of the problem and will fix it. I guess we all just gotta hang on until then ...
I miss the Boxscore link on your page. That was great and part of the reason I donated, though only 2$
I love this site
Where is link's to boxscore and recap ?
thanks a lot for your dedication!
SF Admin@NBA
I made a mistake editing some settings. My FTP-app didn't download the whole settings file, and when I edited it and uploaded it again the recap and boxscore buttons vanished. I try to fix this during the weekend. Sorry for your problems!
no, there are no box scores / buttons I think ... it just solved my problem with voting
@MeAgain did you do something with the cookies to get the boxscore etc. buttons back?
ok, ahm, it was the cookies ... I apologize
maybe a problem with 'captchaimage.php' / imagemagick mishandling something... just a guess [;)]
hmm, I can't vote, 'cause the captcha is always the same two green lines that don't show anything that is a code or anything. Been this way for some day(s). Tried enabling scripting and cookies. Neither did change anything. Please let me vote [:s] Ohh, btw, I don't see any recap/etc. button either...
using opera, no buttons either
No link buttons for me as well...
3.5.7 But also miss the recap etc buttons
i also use ff 3.5.7 and everything is ok