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SF Admin@NBA
Thx Toolz! Always nice to hear when you enjoy this site. And all donations are welcome, they help cover some of the costs.
Just wanna say THANKS again! Wouldn't know what 2 do w/out this site... I just donated again 2 help keep this site alive. I encourage y'all 2 do the same!!
I'm sorry... I meant on May 3rd.
Great games on May 4th! Thumbs up!
perhaps the clever creator of this site could make a new link, kind of like the 'playoff games round 1' link, but a link for playoff games round 1 game 5, round 1 games 6 etc?
Well ofcourse everyone has their opinion on voting and son on, but please put the votin back. Those who don't want votin they will turn them off anyway.
Yeah, me too. First I didn't really get how people vote, but since I noticed that really just close games get good votes, I turn them off. For me it's a big spoiler if I know a game is close, since what's the point of getting a big lead in the first half - you know it's getting close at the end, so it's much less interesting, you'd just have to watch the end. I tried voting for games when both teams play well, when there's a lot of intensity, regardless of the score, but most people don't see it that way I guess. Great site, thanks!
Personally, I always hide votes, because I don't want to know when a game is close. If there are good votes, and a team leads by 25, you know the other team is going to make a come-back, and I don't like knowing that at all. What's the point of only watching close games anyway. It should be about the players on the floor, not the score. Blowouts are part of the playoffs. I don't have anything against voting, but to me, it's the part about this site I have the least interest in. Lovin' the "Show result" and the "Hide votes" functions!
I would love to see votes for games 5 6 & 7. Perhaps there could be a page break and a spoiler warning so that those who don't want to see past G4 do not scroll down to see the votes for G5? Just an idea, thanks again for this fantastic site!
I agree with Krenc. Show votes like he suggested would be perfect
That's a shame since the votes are the main reason I use this site. Maybe on games 5 and up you could have a "show votes" button like the "show result" button?
SF Admin@NBA
To avoid spoling the playoffs I turned off voting after game 4, since we don't know if the other games are going to get played or not. No point in making votes up.
Yo wassup with the voting system. It would be excellent if this would be back on track as the playoffs move on. GREAT SITE BTW!
personally I don't think we need a login system. Just make the voting thumbs appear when the score is inserted for a game
Hey i ssomething wrong with the voting and the schedule thing? I don't really mind the voting, but the game schedule is really helpful to watch the galmes in the correct order...once again, thx for the great work! Enjoy the playoffs!
I'd be happy with login. Moron's mom is always pregnant, and we do love this site for being able not to have games spoiled. Anyway, this site rocks, as I've said many times, so if it's too much work keep it as it is. It's great nonetheless. Thanx again, man. P.S. I'm not able to donate, but if you need a hand for some coding, they used to pay me as a pro, so why not?
Boston @ Miami game was so GREAT!
Thanks, man.
Miami-Boston first, Denver-Utah last.
Can anyone post the order the games were played on friday 23rd? Thanks
login easier than captcha, so why not, but it's not a dire need. But asking for a name when the person votes would be enough, no password just like the shoutbox. People will quickly grow tired of inventing names and if they start doing, kjhasfd, weryiuw and bvmxnb 10 times in a row, you know you can disregard them.
first of all great job with the site! my thoughts is that like someone said it's always possible to spoil or whatever if someone really wants to. And there are also those saying a game sucks just because their team lost. FOr some a good game is a spectacular one (even a blowout),for me it's a tight one (even if i's ugly). So I take the voting for what it is: a subjective indication on a game, but some games i watch no matter the voting. for the spoilers in the message box, I believe real fans would never do it, so I don't pay attention to it and treat it like voting for games that haven't been played yet: some kind of joke we should not pay too much attention to. Keep up the good work!!!
good as it is for me. And with user/pass regulars will log in, but new potential members might not join so easily. I'd say good job, leave it the way it is
SF Admin@NBA
Yes, it would be possible to hide buttons for games not being played and yes it could be a good idea to block team names in shoutbox. As I see it, if someone wants to destroy something it's very easy to do so. Let's say I block the word Nets, they propably just write N4ts. If I block the voting system, they propably click some of the open voting buttons 20 times. My intention is to have this site as open as possible, with as much user interaction as possible without protecting it with a username/password procedure. If I would turn to user/pass, it has to add some value to the site. The one thing I see today could be that I could follow how has voted for which game. I then could watch just the games voted as good games by users I trust. Give me your thoughts on this. Would you login if I requested username/password or is it good as it is today, open but with lower quality in info submitted by users?
Ladies, and gentlement, hidevotes
oh well, knowing those votes exist makes the irrelevant. I've got an idea against spoils though, it's not foolproof but might do something, what if you make posting team names like New Jersey and/or Nets generate an error? I enjoy this site alot, and the shoutbox helps with that too
Is it possible to block the votes for games that haven't been played yet ? There will always be retards ruining it. Big thanks for this site.
Looks like there's some idiots voting for games that haven't been played yet...
Sadly, there will always be idiots.