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Glad to hear that your daughter is ok again. :)
SF Admin@NFL
Thx il7Mago. My daughter had chickenpox so she is fine now.
Thanks for another year, dude. And whoever's ill, get well soon!
SF Admin@NBA
Update on NBA, I hade plans to be on vaction starting on Otc 4th. Illness changed plans, so NBA will be updated from start.
Hope to see NHL revived at some point. :) You're doing a hell of a job nevertheless!
gordo@College Football
Looks good. :)
Great site, thx 4 the NCAA FB update
SF Admin@College Fo…
Opened up NCAA football again. Tell me if something is wrong.
SF Admin@NBA
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I have no possibility to update the results for the first week of NBA, starting October 3rd 2010. But fear not, the 2010/2011 season will be covered after the first week. Welcome back to another spoiler free season of NBA.
thanks, really appreciated ;)
SF Admin@NFL
NFL is now started
SF Admin@NFL
Hi Andrei. Yes, there will be NFL coverage this year to, that's the league it all started with and the one I'm interested in. (Jets fan). But the NFL section usuallư have about 10 visitors a day so I haven't rushed it. But it will come. If someone will help me promote the NFL section I would sure be gratefull.
hello, nothing for the new season in nfl? actually the preseason
From Wikipedia: "The [2010] NBA Finals will be under a Thursday-Sunday-Tuesday rotation, and will commence on Thursday, June 3. The Lakers will hold home-court advantage..." By the way, this series' format is 2-3-2, not 2-2-1-1-1. Peace
thanks gero, i second that
The biggest problem with the comments is not that it gives away close games (the way votes do), or that no comments might mean no game, but that comments mean there WAS a game. for the same reason you deactivated votes after game 4, you should deactivate (or hide until requested) comments. if there's comments at a game 5, the series is at 3:0 before you watch game 4, it's a spoiler. Thanks for your great work, I'm here pretty much every day.
Thank you, Admin, for this site. It's always helpful. Hope you'll keep doing your great job with it.
Same as Dismantler, thank you for not only having a great idea but also making it happen. I love this website. I'll be visiting it till the end of the playoffs, and hopefully next year for the whole season. Peace
no, thank YOU for a fantastic website that gave european (and other, of course) NBA fans an opportunity to enjoy the games in a much more comfortable way. hope you'll be back next season with all the goodies we are now used to....CU
SF Admin@NBA
As the playoffs continues, less people are using this site for each day. So I wish to thank you all for this season and hopefully we'll meet again the next. This year we peaked with about 1200 unique visitors each day around the start of the playoffs. Now we are down to about 400 and in the next couple of weeks the only visitors will be the search engine bots. So, once again, a big thank you and I hope you hade a spoiler free season.
SF Admin@NBA
Bodmoor: Thx for your comment, I now added an even bigger spoiler warning when you click the link. The problem is that I don't have so much space on the result page so I made the spoiler alert much bigger in the pop up. Itl7Mago: I thought about that yesterday (and the fact that some playoff games get no comments may indicate that they haven't been played), but I thought I leave it like this for now and see how it turns out. It's always nice to see if a game has a big discussion going on. But maybe I have to change that. Lets just watch and see if and how people start using this new feature.
Maybe you could hide the number of comments (or the whole link altogether), just like you did with "hide votes". In the future I can see some game having a ton of comments, and then you know it's a close finish :/ ... But don't get me wrong I love the idea! (PS: maybe just a little "green light" next to the link, when there is one or more comment, but not the actual number)
Wow... amazing!
sounds fun but dangerous, might wanna add a minor spoiler warning? clicked one not reading this shoutbox and (though not spoiled) was surprised
yeah [:D]
SF Admin@NBA
Added comment function to each game. Spoilers are allowed under comments. Let's see if this can be usefull.
Pound the ball inside and shot open 3's. Boring regardless :)
the Magic aren't boring - they just need some good competition - next round I will finally watch some of their games :D
Is there a more boring team than the Orlando magic? Yes: the Atlanta hawks...