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@augur: What's the framerate(fps). If I can remember correctly, the quality was not as good as some of the torrents I download regularly. And I don't need to watch the games live because they're during the night anyway, so for me it makes no sense getting it. I watch the games the next day and in better quality (I'm using raptormage's rip as an example, not those HD, 720p ones, those are obviously better quality, eventhough I prefer 576p with 60fps than 720p with 30fps)
sorry, my mistake with the currencies. it's actually 20 dollars
a bit of experience. after a week of enjoying league pass, i'd warmly recommend it to everyone who has 13 or so dollars a month to spare and a solid internet connection. no waiting, all the games played within 24hrs available for watching, the video quality is great, and it generally saves a bunch of time and nerves. after a good season and a half of watching gmaes via torrents and DLs, this is a ridiculously big change. i'm sure many already know this, but i just had to share it since i've been enjoying it a lot. nevertheless, i again thank all the cappers and uploaders for all their effort and especially thank you at this ingenious website!
SF Admin@NBA
Thx for new donation. Always nice to have some help paying the bills for the site.
SF Admin@NBA
Right you are. The script runs in regular intervalls. It only takes games that are finished playing. I'm almost certain that what happened was that it run before the games starting after 8 PM was finished. So it fetched two, and later it fetched the rest.
UR right. Now it's there! Just the update script not doing what it is supposed to do I guess... All good now!
only three games 22-11 ? there shouldt be eight. or am i wrong ? btw: great site, appreciate it ! [~:)]
allready looking forward to the playoffs this year!!! let's go SUNS [:))]
@Il7Mago: thats a good solution, thx. i usually came here by link from another site, but a bookmark will do fine from now on.
@IlMago: thx guy, I didn't notice that, but it's useful 2 me 2
@gerokee: Yeah I know what you mean. I don't have that problem though, because when I start typing nba.lem... it fill up with ..ons.se/index.php?hidevotes=1 , since that's the page I view the most. You can bookmark it, too.
Hey. thanks as well. Since you ask, I'd be grateful for having hidden the votes by default. I know if I wouldn't empty the browser cache, I wouldn't have to switch every time. But the votes almost always tell, if it's a close game or not, which is kind of a spoiler to me - because watching a game later, even if a team leaks out in front, you always know it's getting close at the end - or not close, if the votes are bad.
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for the warming words guys. Don't forget to tell me what you want changed on the site, and perhaps I can help you out.
u have no idea how much of great deed u doing to countries which are fan of NBA and have no source to see the matches.. thanks from INDIA
thanks for this site!
Just wanna tell the admin how much i appreciate the site. big thx from germany
Just 2 let you know: Magic vs. Knicks (Nov. 2nd) cancelled due to building-related problems!
Perfect thank you!
SF Admin@NBA
Il7Mago: Focus fixed and tested on XP Explorer 8. Others: Update scripts hanged while I was out of town for a couple of days. I will look into it and see what I find.
Admin, could you make it that the cursor goes directly in the textbox when you have to enter a verification code after voting?
mbewane: usually east coast first, west coast last.
hey any chance of updating the spoiler free results? Don't know in which order I have to wtahc the games I dled! BIG THANKS for the site!!!
Yeah, THANKS for keeping this site going! But... Updates are currently not working properly, I'm afraid. Could you please look into it?
not meaning to complain mearly a friendly request :) Would it be possible to update the site a little sooner each day? Do you run it on a script? If so a little sooner after the last game of the night finishes would be ideal! :)
Thx Admin!! Make more thumbs users for super season!! :)
iiiiit's BAAAAACK !
Welcome back all!! Thx admin for keeping the site going! :)
NHL would be great!
any chance for an NFL week 6 update? thnx
this is my first visit to the site since the end of the 2010 NBA playoffs and boy am i relieved to see it still running! hope the recap links stay on, they're a great bonus to the whole spoiler free concept as we can see into details of the games we're not planning to watch. great job, man, carry on the good work! pozdrav from croatia!