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the schedule should show 7 4:15pm games for week 17
I made a mistake. It has to be the last 5 minutes and not only 4. As the overtime lasts 5 minutes, if you analyze only the last 4, you could miss a good close game.
Barnburner used to analyze the last 4 minutes, not just the final score. You could propose a "show difference" button where it would say if the game was close or not (without giving the number). A close game would be one where there was less than 5 points difference at one moment during the last 4 minutes. Do you know how to analyze the score of the last 4 minutes and not just the final score? Maybe you could ask Barnburner how he did it. Thanks for your work anyways.
SF Admin@NBA
Got a request to show score differences in games (Team A score minus Team B score). I'm not sure this shows if a game is worth watching since it doesn't tell anything about over time and late turns. I want your input on this. Barnburner has an excellent site trying to calculate if a game is worth watching, check out [link]
good idea putting up a neutral button. keep up the good work!
SF Admin@NBA
Small change so Davka links now goes straight to the game page on Davkas site.
SF Admin@NBA
Visitors with good memory might rememeber we had a problem with spam in the shoutbox about two years ago. I took some measures to stop it and even that we have no user authentication and no monitoring of the box it was possible to stop them. The system has worked ok and until today it has stopped about 1000 spams that never made it to the shoutbox. But, no system is perfect without some glitches, and it has also stopped some valid messages (Happened to Toolz trying to warn about a spoiler). 'iLikeLemons' wrote about a month ago: 'would it be possible to make a little button on the side of the date for a matchday with "Show All"'. Now it's done. Enjoy! [:D]
thank you very much. another great benefit. see you all in 2011 [~:)]
SF Admin@NBA
Enjoy the new neutral button, a great way to say that you saw the game, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. We also got a donation from Santa to help us pay the bills. Thanks AnnaLog for helping Santa deliver the donation :) Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to everyone.
Thanks again and again for the great site. davka feature is really great!
neutral button is good idea!
SF Admin@NBA
Soon we come to a new year. Wouldn't it be nice with a facelift of one of the ugliest looking sites on the web? We have lived with this layout since august 2007 and this is the third layout (believe me, the other two was even worse). This time I have no plans in doing it myself, so if you want to help out, please send me a mockup as an image. The only rule is that every element of this page should be accessible from a single page and all present elements must be taken care of (banners, shoutbox, statistics, upcoming games, results, voting etc). If I get more than one suggestion that I think we could use, then we have a vote on the site (as always, the visitors decides what will be on the site). Send an email of your mockup to [email] There will be no price but the honor this time. Thanks in advance.
@Bn: without votes you dont know wheather its a boring/neutral game or noone have seen it yet [~:)]
Killer new features!!!
AnnaLog, just don't press buttons, be neutral...
like the "top 15 games", great idea. another suggestion: a thumb for "neutral game" cause there are many games wich are neither "good" nor "bad". [~:)]
SF Admin@NBA
As requested, games that exists on Davka is now marked. Be aware that there might be more games on Davka than I list here, this is not fool proof but a good guess. Updates a couple of times a day. Merry X-mas everybody.
SF Admin@NBA
News to the site: If you choose to hide votes, you no longer see number of comments made to a game (as requested be several). Choose to show votes and a list of the top 15 rated games will be shown above this shout-box. Soon there will be another feature implemented. Stay tuned.
Fakers Sux
SF Admin@NBA
Toolz, Il7Mago: One of my computers decided to randomly restart. Hopefully not a problem anymore, keep your fingers crossed.
Looks like there's some kind of problem with the updates
If you already fixed it: Wow, that was FAST! If not: It's allright, bro...
Hey Admin, script seems to be hanging again. Thanxx!
SF Admin@NBA
Ok, must have been some temporary thing when I put a new banner on the site then. Thx for reporting and keep posting about errors or things you want to improve.
@Admin: Maybe a week ago, the chatbox was replaced by a banner (above the top20 countries) and the chatbox appeared on the right side of the page, at the very top if I remember correctly. That could be what aussiburger means by "new location". However that happened to me like 2-3 times dunring a couple of days and now it's back to the usual layout.
SF Admin@NBA
Aussieburger: I haven't been able to reproduce that on Firefox 3.6.12 or IE 8 on either Win7 or WinXP. Tested on FF 3.6.3 and Konqueror 4.4.2 on Kubuntu. Not really sure what you mean by new location. Changes made are a new banner between upcoming and resultlist. Anyone else have the problem? Can you send me screenshot?
FYI: no scrollbar for the chatbox in this new location with firefox 3.6.12
@augur: Thank for the info. Nice to know they're improving from year to year. I downloaded a few games ripped from League Pass source, and the framerate was absolutely horrible, but that might be the way they ripped it. I think if I didn't have that download/upload limit of 100 Gb/month, I would seriously consider getting NBALP too.
@Il7Mago: not sure about the fps, it just says the video quality is 3Mbps. at some forum i found that someone said the quality is much better than last season. for my taste (i'm no expert) the vidio quality is very good. and i too can't watch the games live, but it sure was sweet when i got up this morning and all 13 games from last night waited for me to watch them!