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tbh.. I'd say just pity the poor fool who voted, and take it into account when you gauge your opinion.
some retard already voted the heat up before the game is even played. Maybe you could put a date check on the voting system so that games that still have to be played cannot get votes yet?
thanks for the playoff link. All ready to go now! :)
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks TR for donation from germany. It will help cover costs!
SF Admin@NBA
LeStylo: Yes it was a big time spoiler, and I'm sorry for that. Now the site is in "playoff-mode". For new visitors, this means that upcoming games are not shown, the top 15 games will now show. You must select which playoff round you want to see. All possible games in a playoff round is shown, but of course not all of them will have results since they are not played. Have a nice playoff and comment a lot on the games!
Guys, now that was a big time spoiler on this site, showing the playoff matchups on top of the page! Just wanted to check the votes on last nights regular season finale matchups and than i saw my [EDIT] against [EDIT]! And everything was clear ... Hope you'll change the site for the playoffs like you did last year, that was good!
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for donation from Netherlands! Server had a lock up a couple of days ago, resulting in some late results reported by Toolz. Server is restarted and now seems to work again.
@z8k: You have to wait because otherwise (as it was before) certain users of this site simply couldn't help spamming (=voting multiple times in favor of "their" team regardless of how good or bad the game was)!
Yet another free League Pass Preview thru April 15 [:!]
Why i havto wait betwen votes? When i wanna vote few games i saw last night it can be annoying.
Hi admin, NBA results are not updating properly, I'm afraid. Thanx 4 checking it out if u got the time!
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for new donation!
more votes on march 26 games please, im still deciding what game to watch ;)
Upcoming games: 10:00 PM should be on the bottom.
SF Admin@NBA
Something wrong with it?
nba saudi@NBA
18 march lakers game
SF Admin@NBA
What did you have in mind "nba saudi"?
nba saudi@NBA
plz timberwolves vs lakers
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks to D for the first donation of the year.
Yeah! That`s priceless.
nba fan@NBA
love the running time clock!
another FREE All-Star promo right now on leaguepass ! [~:)]
This is a real usefull site! Thanks!
yes, no panik! its easy to pick out the bad votes, so its not really a problem.
Usually votes are reliable. It's only a few people who don't seem to get it. This latest clown has been sitting there typing in like 30 verification codes every day. That isn't going to happen much. This person is truly special.
If voting opt coud be truly worth sth you HAVE to imit it to 1 vote=1 IP
Please get that update that everyone can wonte once on one game, please.
Great thanks! Really respect your work. Keep it up! :)
SF Admin@NBA
As many of you may have noticed, we have a big Miami fan here messing a little with the votes. This message is for you, Miami fan. I will explain a little of the philosophy behind the site. This site is built upon trust. We trust each other to do a good job and show each other respect for what we do. Have you noticed that there is no "sign in here" or "have you forgotten your password" links? Why is that? A web site should contain that, shouldn't it? If not, it's not a real web site, is it? Propbably the admin don't know how to do a simple login script or can't put together a user administration script... You see, we have a different approach here. We don't believe in user accounts, we don't ban IPs since I know you can google "proxy" or maybe you even know how to modify a http-header. Have you noticed that there is no spam in the shoutbox, yet it's not protected by a user login and not moderated? I wonder how that is. Can it be so simple that we trust in you. Now, go and have a good time. Use this site as you may like, it's free and open and always will be. If you don't like it, you are free to leave with respect. You see, one day I grow tired with this shit, and then I close the site and do something else with my spare time. I don't even watch NBA so I really don't care. But I trust you to care.
Hey admin, would it perhaps be possible to limit voting somehow (temporally)? Like once an hour or even a day? Don't know how to make that work but on other sites it seems to be working (at least you can't vote consecutively there). Just a suggestion to stop that ugly spam voting in recent days!