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Very much awaiting the site starting to cover the new season and preseason!
This site is the best!! Waiting for a new season... Thanks for your efforts
Oł est le classement des matchs de l'an dernier?
NBA lockout is over. Admin, looking forward to reaping the benefits of your good work again :)
+1 ncaa bball
i mean ncaa basketball of course, within the lockout there should be a lot of requests if this page would be more popular i think
Hey admin, NFL did not update today. Thanx
what's about the ncaa? it would be nice if you would post the games
With the NBA season in jeopardy (due to those greedy muthaf***as) I'm switching to Football for now. So thanks for your work on this front, Admin!
Thanks a lot for all your work. Really nice to see the thing that I want without spoilers.
SF Admin@College Fo…
... and collegefootball is also open. Enjoy!
SF Admin@NFL
NFL section are now open for the season!
new season? pre season?
Thx for an amazing season!
SF Admin@NBA
Max89: Mail me whats wrong if its a spoiler. Can't see it.
Heat vs Bulls games are little bit wrong.
SF Admin@NBA
Rick: Yes it was. Should be fixed now. Thx for letting me know.
is the site dead?
please update round 3 games! thank you.
Please update here round 3 games. Thanks! :)
Moldova - 0.13% ... i bet have of them are from me xD
What happend to the Top 15 Games of the Regular Season voting-wise? Is it possible to show them again on the start page? Thx in advance!
Please update playoff round 2 games.
thanks for the great site and hard work SF Admin! :)
Anna Log@NBA
yes, thank you very much for the site and all your efforts to make it even better. see you next season. curious how this site looks then. [~:)]
Well thank YOU for the site and all your work! Enjoy the summer and see you next season!
SF Admin@NBA
Time for a little bit of stat-report for this year (this has become an annual tradition for me now to sum up the year in figures.) Counting visitors can be a little difficult and different tools report different figures. I use Piwik to measure the traffic on the site, but these figures come from my own analyzis tools I made a long tima ago. Last year we peaked at about 1200 visitors one day during the playoffs. This year we peaked at April 18 with 2359 visitors! Almost the double amount since last year. During the season we have had just about over 1000 visits a day. About 10% of you look at an old standings table. This has been a good year with lot of new features and ideas. One thing promised is the new layout, but I put that on ice so far, it depends on another great feature that I hopefully will be able to present during the start of next season. As the playoffs continues, less and less people visits the pages, and soon the only visitor will be some confused search engine bots. So, this is my way of saying thanks to all of you for this season. I hope I haven't spoiled to much of your season, we unfortunately have had some spoiler moments even this year. Big thank you for the donations keeping the site alive. Thank you for your input on features beeing developed. Enjoy the playoffs, see you next year. For a short period of time I will list all countries that have had visitors to the site. See if you can find your country in the list. If you don't, you migh living on Isla de Muerta without knowing it [:)]
SF Admin@NBA
Thank you very much to DL and Il7Mago for new donations helping cover costs!
where is round 2?
sweet, major thx!