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SF Admin@NFL
Sorry for your trouble Casual. I have to learn to read; I've been so in to the NBA site the last days I didn't notice it was NFL that had the problem. Now it should look OK, it was two corrupt tables that caused the problem. I don't think there was any major data loss. Thanks for the help.
Casual Watcher@NFL
The right link: tinyurl.com/cq4xttk Sorry for triple posting, but these smileys are stupid
Casual Watcher@NFL
images [:)].us/photo/my-images/862/screenshotuq.jpg/
Casual Watcher@NFL
Here's the scrrenshot: .us/photo/my-images/862/screenshotuq.jpg" target="_blank">[link]
SF Admin@NBA
@Casual: I've tested in FF9 and IE8 on XP and can't see any problem. Take a screenshot and send to me so I can see what you mean.
Casual Watcher@NFL
Admin, I can't see links to standings on the top of the site. Can you fix it, please? I'm using Firefox 8.
SF Admin@NBA
Diddoo: They are not visible. What's your interest in them? Perhaps I can do something about it if the demand is big.
Where are the archives of past seasons?
I love you !! [:v]
Thanks for the update!
WOW! thanks for Your work!
late christmas present, thank you so much
thank you for updating the site man :}
thank you SF Admin :-)
Thanks for update
SF Admin@NBA
As z8k suggested I have now reduced the time you have to wait between voting. Let's behave everybody :)
site is great, but waiting between votes still frustrating ;-) i watch all premier games and i cant vote for all.
This site is great, thank you [:tt]
Great! Thanxx!! :)
Thanks!!!!! this is a great website
Big Thanks for this website! Wish you all the best
SF Admin@NBA
I'll get started right away! Just hang on!
yes update would be great
Pls update!
If you are too busy, I'll volunteer to update the site for you
hope work will start here soon again [:)]
We are waiting for the new season spoler-free page [;)]
merry christmas!
Hey Admin, will you have the time to provide us with the new season's schedule starting today? We all would appreciate your effort very much. Merry X-Mas to everyone around here!