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You could have a battle of idiotic fans. One voting one way and one the other. I see 172/2 /167. How am I supposed to know in which camp is the retarded vote. Not that obvious.
Not that obvious. If the Heat gets blown out by the team supported by one of these retards, you could easily imagine him voting thumbs up a hundred time even though the game is horrible.
z8k has I point I wonder if it even matters? You can usually tell if a game is suffering from retard voting. This is a great site.
I guess it's not possible to limit the number of votes from each ip adress? Would be a good way to prevent from those idiots voting a hundred time. Damn, you really have to be a retard to do that.
and btw when somebody see score like 80/0/140 knows that game is good but some idiots votes many times
No increse waiting time, when you see few games its hard to vote all, admin can mark games with same situation like [email] instead.
Admin, due the recent vomit inducing injustice on voting in CHI MIA game, I'm afraid I have to ask you to increase the waiting time between votes onces again....
i support that!
Admin, would it be possible for you to automatically label nationally televised games with an icon (or the tv network's logo ESPN/ABC)? That would be great, cause a lot of local commenters are biased for their team. This page ([link] shows the schedule for nationally televised games in the US. Unfortunately, it doesn't show games that have already been played, hence the suggestion. You think you can do it?
this lemons are the juciyiest ones ;) thanks again for your great service year in and year out
yep, without a doubt the most important site on the interwebs. Should consider going black for a day in protest of SOPA. That would be a game-changer [;)]
def.best site on the web
mits GR@NBA
keep up the good work [:D]
SF Admin@NBA
Thank you all for your support. Around 3000 visitors a day to NBA and 600 to NFL. Must be some kind of record!
super seite..gruesse aus deutschlaeend ;0)
Games from Jan 11 are a bit late ;)
First site I come to when about to watch nba [:tt]
Am enjoying the fruits of this site on a daily basis!
SF Admin@NFL
NFL playoffs are now covered. Enjoy!
Thanks again! What about NFL playoffs? Will you cover them as well? And what about my (NBA) suggestion from a couple of weeks ago? Could you maybe include those additional vote buttons? Would be great!
SF Admin@NBA
Happy new year everyone and thanks for all donations during 2011. They help cover some of the costs and I'm really thankful for that. Historic top games may show up soon.
I would also appreciate a link to past games votes.
SF Admin@NFL
Thx Toolz, updated!
Hey Admin, starting times of Jan. 1 NFL games have changed: TB-ATL, BAL-CIN and PIT-CLE moved to 4:15, DAL-NYG to 8:20pm.
Anna Log@NBA
works like a charm again.time for a little donation [:$] . a great new year to everyone
Great to see you are back!
Great to see you are back!
Thanks 4 bringing back starting times in the current games section! I got only 1 suggestion left: Could u maybe include "(Show) Votes" buttons for each game/day (as u did on the NFL page)? Thanks again, great stuff...
Thank you very much SF Admin for all your efforts to keep this site going! It's great for everyone on diffrent timezones that needs to see the games in delay.
Casual Watcher@NFL
Thank you very much for help and for this awesome site. It really helps you when you want to keep up with the league.