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Lots of blowouts last night. If you wanna watch one game I guess I could be MIN-CHA. But idk...
@Al-Japr: If it has to be one of those I'd pick the last. But none of them was great...
So, anyone got some headsups for a good game from the 28th? I was thinking magic-knick, bulls-hawks (but i don't watch hawks anymore ;)) or suns-clippers. Any great ones in there?
When the script doesn't update, my NBA evening is ruined :( (I'm talking like a spoiled kid, I know)
If it's not just me NBA did not update again. Thanks!
whats up with the 28th?
Is it me or has there not been an update in over 48hrs?
Thanks! But your script still isn't working properly...
Glad to see the site back on track - was starting to get a little worried!
Yep, NBA's not updating. Please help!
Admin, what;s happening? you got the flu? Get wel soon! We need you!
guys u re one day late
SF Admin@NBA
Hi again. To make things clear, yes we can write spoilers in the comments. I just have a feeling that we need "something more", spoiler free reviews or more stats as you mention. But I'm not the one to decide what is needed. You should all know by now that I'm not really a follower of NBA. As I said, I started with NFL for my own purposes and NBA just "happened to be". Today the NBA part of the site is the biggest and most important, and I'm just happy that I can help out. A NCAA-section for basket? Of course I can open that, if some of you are interested. So, to sum it up. I want to give you all the best experience with this site, but I need help coming up with ideas. Point me to stat-sites, tell me what's important and we can all make it happen.
whoa, overboard on the smilies, whoops!
On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, any chance of setting up an NCAA tourney section? No expectation at all, but if I can't find some type of spoiler free results I know I'm probably going to go through every game, haha, not that that is necessarily a bad thing. [:)] [:)] [:)]
glad you found us Matt! I could see how getting consistent reviewers could be tough, as Toolz mentioned, I do like the idea though of getting a little bit more info on a game. Maybe game pace, great individual performances, etc. As I think has been said before, the voting can get a little mysterious when there are just any many upvotes as downvotes.
Just found this website, it is literally the EXACT thing I have been wishing for for so long. I get through at least 3 league pass games a night usually, would be happy to write spoiler free reviews of the games I watch. Just let me know where and how to contribute
I'm a bit confused, too. Now we should NOT spoil in comments? I thought that's where we could discuss the OUTCOME of games... Maybe we should have a comments and an additional (spoiler-free) review section. Shouldn't that be enough? Your suggestion of registered reviewers sounds fine. But would people actually commit to it on a regular basis? I myself couldn't promise that to be frank. The only thing I would agree on was reviewing every Knicks game. :D
You know what they say, if it aint broken dont fix it
hmm that didn't work < spoiler > < / spoiler > like so
How about a simple tag like so: "Intense, fast paced game crazy buzzer beater by Durant" Mouse over to reveal spoilers. Also, if you still want to do something about the design and need a hand, you know what to do ;)
SF Admin@NBA
It's been a while since I last made any changes to the site. I've thinking a little about "power users" and jumpmans question made me think. This site is designed to be open, but maybe it could be interesting to have some users log in. These "power users" could write spoiler free reviews (is it possible?). They could have their own voting system with their name connected to it. If you usually agrees with X, then you could see how X votes in next game. This is not a way to make this a site with logins for everyone. I see it as a way to have better content on the site that I can't produce myself. What do you say? BTW, please try to write reviews without spoilers in comment box. Mark them REVIEW so I more easily spot them. I guess writing reviews wo spoilers can be an artform, so please comment the ones who do write them.
No spoilers here (in this message box), but for each game's comment section, you're free to discuss anything.
so is there any guideline on posting comments? As in how much can/should be given away. Could they be another resource for a spoiler free review of the game? In addition to the votes?
chceck rojadirecta (im using league pass, but as i remember rojadirecta is good site with almost all matches)
Over 12hrs and no Davka upload =(
And there's an absence of knowledge about this site I guess...
there is absence of la lakers vs 76ers match ............. i want it
Les francophones, venez: [link]