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SF Admin@NBA
So sorry guys! I've been buzy at work so I didn't notice what had happened until now. Last year the regular season ended april 15. Last season the site spoiled the first playoff games for some hours and because of that I put a dead line for regular season so that no results after regular season should show up. THis year I did not change the date. My scripts have collected all the results so there everything have looked ok, but nothing have been shown on the page. So, thanks for all your patience. I have put a dedaline for regular season to april 26 according to [link]
pity.lemons.se nhl dead and now the last candy - nba fall asleep (ordead?)
nice job on the new site...
I assume bos-ny, eastcoast is usually first
Can some1 please tell me on 17th april which match started first the celtic knicks match or the laker spurs match
Can some1 please tell me on 17th april which match started first the [email] or the [email]
Thanks guys, good to hear it seems to work for everybody. Unfortunately Heliohost's server appears to be somewhat unstable. But it's free so who's complaining. Also, FYI, NBA.tv has a free preview right now: [link]
Great Tim!
Damnnnnn dude, awesome job.....
NICE work TIM looks goooood
thanks oocyt
nba not at all
to [email] not at all
Thanks Tim - tremendous job!!
Guys, is the game Bulls at Heat, on April 19th a good one?
why heliohost? Its been blocked by my virus scanner... damn
...says AnnaLog [~:)]
whow, great job! th…
emergency site is up now: nba.heliohost.org
(at)BCe1tics: glad i had been able to help [~:)]
[link] still not ready.....
i only see the 15th as the last update, in 3 different browsers? how come?
why is there no results update in the main column???
needs a -you- in there somewhere to make the sentence right this box is just to tiny, but dont get me wrong i really appreciate what this site is doing and hope he or she continues to do so and if it means adding a pop up to help cover costs i wouldnt mind
My demand wasn't really a demand more a fact as how people give money plus dont think that our visits to this site increase in ad benefits
Great to hear Tim, thanks for the effort.
Folks, I made a quick emergency replacement site until lemons is back on track. Just spoiler free results and schedule, no fancy stuff like votes and comments, though. Might be buggy but better than nothing. Should be up as soon as the hoster approves my account: nba.heliohost.org. Let me know here whether it's working or not.
I started using rutracker through the link posted below. Use google translator (it's in Russian), and register -- very easy. They upload every game almost immediately after the live game ends. thanks for the link, Annalog!
this is a free "as it is" service. Dro´s demand is a joke. and for 1$(less charges) I wouldnt update the Donations-counter [~:)]
Does anyone know any other similar site where you can check start times and schedule without spoilers? as here it gets stuck lately