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awesome site! You guys are the best!
hahaha people are impatient. This is a free service remember. Thanks Admin. Ignore the complaints :)
SF Admin@NBA
Manual update of round 3
Well im done with this website
Good point, my sincere apologies to anyone who might've gotten a spoiler out of my previous post.
Agreed, but I don't think this is the place to reveal which team are still qualified. Some of the busiest people might still be watching round 2.
well, lets bring on the predictions anyway while we patiently wait :) Spurs in 7, Heat in 7. Either way, I really think the West Conf. Champ will win the whole thing!
Yeah that would be nice
What about Round 3? Thanks! :)
Sf Admin@NBA
Sorry for the spoiling Gil. If there is nothing in the column for game orders (a time stamp or a number sequence) then the games is not listed in any specific order. This is due to that NBA is very late with the schedules this year and the sources for this site don't list those games at all before they are determind in time. So I've done a bit of manual work now and hope it holds togheter. For all of you watchings torrented games, ask your cappers to have a little more info about the games (time captured, spoilers and so on)
Thanks gil now you also spoiled it for me. [mad]
why did you put [EDITED SPOILER] before [EDITED SPOILER] on may 19 ?? i started watching the [EDITED SPOILER] game and then they said [EDITED SPOILER] won and it was a spoiler for me !!!! :(((((
On May 17 there's a game missing (Game 3 of MIA-IND) as well as all (potential) 2nd round games after May 20. Thanks for fixing! :)
awesome page! been looking for this!
@Toolz: There's a score here FWIW.
Where's the score of Game #4 from May 8? It says tba or is that just me?
Time of Lakers game (1st of may) says 010:30 where is should say 10:30 to allow for alphanumeric sorting of game order. Heads up! :D
I had to meet the challenge :) Hope to be up to it
SF Admin@NBA
Al-Japr has put his predictions in the comments to the playoffs games. Do you agree with him? This is getting interesting.
SF Admin@NBA
Time for playoffs! You will find the playoff games for each round if you click the link above the regular seasons results. Remember that all possible games will be listed, even if they never will be played. Anything else would be a spoiler. Votes are also hidden. It's possible to comment on games even before they are played. It's possible to vote on plays not even played, but please don't do that. I don't really have the time to fix that right now, so keep your fingers from voting on games not played. Please... Thanks to Orion for big donation! The donations are used for covering costs hosting this site, so thank you for helping out! Enjoy the playoffs!
feels like forever until the playoff starts :|
A bit later than Easter day (no correlation with site temporary off), but I finally got to donate to this great GREAT G R E A T site. Thank you admin, keep on rockin :)
Finally)) heh [:")]
The site is working! Hooray! [:D]
cool, I'll retire the heliohost site then and let the playoffs be handled here. Maybe I'll put it back as emergeny site for the next regular season.
SF Admin@NBA
Updated donations. Thanks for helping keeping the site alive!
Missed u so much)))
great,nice to have you back and see you care! playoffs can start ;) thank you and Tim [~:)]