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Hi, maybe I'm just dumb, but it could be worth specifying under "NBA standings from previous dates" that standings INCLUDE games played that day (it was diferent on previous years, wasn't it?). Thanks for the great work
SF Admin@NFL
I'm sorry Lewis, but the game times didn't register due to a database upgrade that I had no control over. So - the first weeks have no game time. If someone can point me to a good source I perhaps can add them by hand if it doesn't take to long to do it.
Just look left from the teamnames. The game time is there for years already. :)
Anychance of adding original game time on nfl results page? Would be really helpful for trying to watch games in order spoiler free
SF Admin@NBA
Thanks for new donation!
SF Admin@NBA
Thx Il7Mago for the info. I've changed Nets logo and name now. We'll see if I changed everything correctly - please report any mistakes. To explain what happens when a team changes name - There is a team name "Brooklyn Nets". There is also a short name "Nets". Then there is a team code on NBA "BKN". In the standings tables the source just call them "Brooklyn" but I want the whole name. So, this should be all, but I can have missed something.
@Admin: Just a heads up, game between Knicks and Nets of 1st November got posponed because of hurricane. New date is 26 November. Also, Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, and they changed the logo.
thnx from kiev. great site
Great job! Thanks
Much appreciate it! Thats huge! Thank you sooo much [:tt]
Hell yeah, back again. Love this site. Thanks for your effort to keep this running!
That's so great! Thanks!!
SF Admin@NBA
Wekcome to a new season of NBA. Thanks for donations, much needed to cover server cost.
Thanks a lot for bringing the NFL back ;-)
(Previous post got lost...) Admin, could you maybe add starting times to result pages as well? If you want to watch games spoiler-free hte order games were played in is pretty important. Thanks!
this is the first time i checked this site in months...the flavour of the next season is getting stronger )
happy to see you are preparing for the new season! was worried I had to do without it! Keep up the good work and I will sort out how that pay pall works!
Now that the NFL has fan ratings for each game on their website is their any chance you could list those scores here? It's impossible to grab them from the NFL website without having the result spoiled.
Absolutely wonderful! Awesome work dude!
Thanks, thanks soo much!!!
SF Admin@NFL
Finally we have the NFL 12/13 season running. Some tech issues, so I will keep an eye on updates.
no more updates????
Thank you very much in advance SF Admin!
grrrrr i miss the NBA!! for the admin, it was a great nba season for me thanks to you and the website and i cant wait for the upcoming season!
Thanks, that's so great to hear!
SF Admin@NFL
Yes, there will be NFL and NBA this season to. I haven't got the time to get everything prepared in time this season, but be patient.
I would love to see the 2012 NFL season back again on the site. Thank you very much in advance!
Hey admin, will you be back for the upcoming NFL and NBA seasons?