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Belgium says thank u!! and also special thanks to all the nba-game uploaders! u guy give me 2 hours of pure enjoiment every day
admin u a good man
admin u a good man
SF Admin@NBA
Next regular season games are to be played february 19. I will be without internet access for a while. If things don't work during this time, there is not much I can do about it. So, keep your fingers crossed and we hope the site brings you the results you all expect to see here.
SF Admin@NBA
As promised some time ago I'm going to change the voting system soon. It will include methods on IPs, but the IP will never be shown. I think I'm going to wait until the playoffs to introduce this, since it would only be a mess changing things now. The new system can almost as easily be hacked as the current one, after all, faking your IP is no rocket science if you are not interested in the response from the server. In the current system I have by purpose put the cookie time out to a minimum, just to see what people did with it. As I explained earlier, this is also an experiment in totally open sites on the web, without moderation and security. And so far it has worked rather good. It only takes one jerk to destroy it all, and sometimes they show up, then we test the next weapon :)
Maybe better block votes by IP instead of cookies? [idea]
You can also click on the "R" left side of the comment(0)
I found a nice app of Facebook, spoiler free video highlights. it would be great to have the link to the app here on the site: [link]
good site yo
Great website, thanks for the good work!
If yesterdays results aren't showing up for anyone else you can get them at wikihoops.com without spoilers
I moderate the NBA portion of the new social football / basketball discussion site ([link] -- if anyone wants to drop by and check it out, I think it's pretty neat.
any updates for yesterday's games ? i want to know which game was the best to watch :) thnxx
SF Admin@NBA
Big thank you to raventhon and TM for donations keeping the sites cost to a minimum for me. Rytis: This can be interesting and I've recieved requests for other sites to, but I always need contact with the people behind the sites, so are they interested I'm sure they'll get in touch.
Hey there, I think you should add another link for basketball downloads rather than just Davka. For example, [link] (you only have to register, there is no ratio)
Best NBA site,thank you,Greetings from Mississippi
$50 more, thanks, this is my go-to basketball site.
SF Admin@NBA
Been a while since I needed to do something about the site, things seems to go as they should. I've recieved some donations I haven't thanked for, so to the two of you who know who you are, big thank you keeping this site alive. Already received this years first donation, and it will come to good help when it's time for paying the hosting bills. Hope you all enjoy it and do keep your input coming. I read everything, it just may take a while for me to answer you or do something about it. Have a good 2013.
This site is FANtastic. Thanks for making it happen!!!
stop complaining!!!!1
Some scores are wrong... on dec 18
Hey admin, your script's not working properly. December 4th is gone, 5th not updating... Thanks!
Have you seen that in the top 15 games, almost all are games of the SAS!
Please put somewhere links to games shortcuts from nba.com.
quick suggestion, how about putting a stat line against each game with number of lead changes in that game? most of the best games have a lot of lead changes.
quick suggestion, how about putting a stat line against each game with number of lead changes in that game? most of the highly Reggi
great site, thanks!
@orion: I'm also very confused by this since the beginning ;) No idea if it includes specific date's games.