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Any good link for no spoilers?
the only one right now
dr ivan@NBA
so is lemons gonna be there for the new season or is lemons gonna disappear and leave us without a decent spoiler free forum????
i wish all the nwords in the nba a nice holiday (:
admin you baak
I'm switching over. They have the playoffs at [link]
So that's it, no playoffs? Thats sad :(
Whats wrong, no more updates??? :(
admin wat wront wit da side pls?
A good way to know whether to watch a game spoiler free is to go to betterboxscore.net. It has a rating for each game.
FOr scores to other leagues check out [link]
I agree with Toby, make it easier to vote. Right now i dont bother to vote as it takes too long and i would vote if it was one click
If you want more votes, please make it quicker & easier to vote. Personally rn it takes way too long to vote with all the verification. Make it one click and i guarantee you will get more votes. Thanks
welcome back admin! good to see the site up to date again
happy holidays
no spoilers nba sco…
enjoy your vacation, can't wait till you're back. :)
SF admin@NBA
Sorry for the downtime. I'm on vacation. We will be back in about a week. Yirg; feedback can always be sent on the mail under contact. Please send your thoughts there. I tink I've got an idea but we can discuss it there if you want to.
I mean, randomly (there had to be a better way to submit feedback)
About the automated script idea, you could make it somewhat fuzzy to avoid spoilers. For example, insteaf of making the threshold 5 and 10 points, make them 4-6 points and 8-12 points, where the exact threshold within each range is selected automatically, so that the user doesn't know the exact point differential.
SF Admin@NBA
Updates will propably not work the upcoming week. Sorry for the downtime.
SF Admin@NBA
Hi Yirg. It's an idea, but wouldn't it be kind of a spoiler? I have thought of some kind of automated "good game" script, but I have not yet come up with any good ideas, so please come with your input and we might make it happen. About low votes, main thing is we have lost about half of the visitors due to that I was late with updates in the beginning of the season. That lead to rather aggressive linking to other sites that has "borrowed" the idea :) It's no problem, as long as they give credit. We have been here for 7 years and learned a lot along the way. I believe it can be 7 more years with all your help. Today the site pays for itself thanks to the donations from dedicated users and it's those dedicated users that has also helped creating this concept. For all of you who celebrate new years I wish you a Happy, spoiler free 2015.
It's unfortunate that this site doesn't have more participance (votes), because I actually prefer its interface over alternatives. How about integrating an initial automated vote for each game based on the points differential? Less than 5 - thumbs up. 5-10 - neutral. More than 10 - thumbs down. This would make the site useful even without many votes from users. If the site is useful -> more users -> more votes.
Right, SpoilerFreeScores.com => [link]